Painting provides extensive opportunities for all creative adventurers to broaden their knowledge and skills in the many practices and techniques that are available.

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Pelham arts can offer a range of solutions to anyone wishing to learn from scratch or build up their repertoires in this field.

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Pelham Arts Workshops

Pelham Arts are able to offer a wide range of creative workshops to suit a wide range of ages.

  • Op Art

    Op Art

    The optical approach to drawing and painting is one that is actively encouraged by Pelham Arts. By looking at this subject, learners are able to gain a firm understanding of how colours work together. Workshops explore the use of the complimentary colour wheel and two-tone relationships in order to create grand designs useful for the home and personal practice. These workshops explore the work of 3 dimensional paintings and examples of interior design.

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  • Sculpture & Ceramics

    Sculpture & Ceramics

    Pelham Arts workshops in sculpture encourage several practices, and ways in which to approach this subject. We offer classes in 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional approaches, using recycled and manufactured materials, such as mod roc for moulds and casting, the use of clay and how to use the tools for this. Sculpture workshops also include mask making, with wirework and filigree. Ceramics workshops and glazing techniques are available on a facility provided basis. Other sculpture practices on a smaller scale include crafts, jewellery making, resin casting, and textiles in order to create either a gift or something unique for your home.

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  • Printing


    Pelham Arts is able introduce artists and makers to practices such as mono printing, fabric printing and lino cut techniques. Screen-printing and etching are available on a facility provided basis.

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  • Scenery & Prop Making

    Scenery & Prop Making

    Pelham Arts are experts in the production of large or small scale murals/backdrops for any purpose. Whether it is on a wall, ceiling, door, glass, fabric or canvas we can produce a stunning piece of artwork for you. This service enables all sectors to engage creatively with the artists on site or can be employed off site by private commission. We can come into your facility and work with your children to involve them in creating their own set designs, or as a group project. These workshops will facilitate further knowledge in set construction, diplays, exhibition stands, and spray painting techniques and methods.

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  • Fashion & Textiles

    Fashion & Textiles

    Facilitates working with fashion and costume design, customization of clothing, roussing, hat making, wall hangings and rug weaving from concept to completion. Workshops can include felt making, making a loom, weaving, learning about dyes and colour, tapestries, ethnic textiles and design, beadwork, and a range of different textures through the process of paper making. Like all other materials working with textiles opens the imagination to a broad range of materials and fibres. Pelham Arts textile workshops provide slide shows, and extensive reference in all aspects of design. Workshops encourage the application of more than one approach to project work.

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